I am an American living in the UK, with a current focus on consulting and developing for companies interested in understanding and utilizing blockchain technology. In my free time I try to contribute to the development of Bitcoin Core, Lightning Network, and other open source projects that I find interesting.

I attended college at Virginia Tech, dual majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, then earned a Master's in Applied Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University while working full time at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. My work there focused on sensor integration and exploitation, real-time video and image processing, computer vision, and tracking algorithms for radar and video.

In 2015 I set off to explore the world, living and working for a year in Mongolia and for three years in Tbilisi, Georgia. During this time I did remote work in web development, devops, systems architecture, and project management for various startups in the US and abroad. I don't bound myself to any programming stack or role, but thrive when trying to solve complex problems.

When I am not working I enjoy exploring mountains, making natural mead, and sleeping in on rainy days.

Work-life balance is my jam.